Dinner at Kabara Drive in – Banjara Hills

It has become very interesting because two new Expander’s joined our group CTFMH. It is Vinay and Vikram who is working in their relatives company but still work hard to achieve their goals. Vikram has a capability of leading people and get the work done by them along with he has a good technical knowledge. On other hand Vinay is one of the hard working and highly technical with respect to modeling especially roof modelling. His friend Vikram has always admired his work.

And our Vijay(Scientist) started asking lot of technical questions to Vikram and they have been discussing on the techie stuff while me and Alok discussing about casual stuff about latest movies and so on.

Food was good and affordable if we go as a group and very good ambience with wide open which i liked very much. We can see the sky as well if we want lean to the bed, yes there are Village style cots to sit, It’s brilliant.