What’s Up Group Eligibility Criteria

You should do following things to become a what’s up member. If  you are already a member of our group you must and should meet following criteria otherwise you will be removed from the group within 15 days.

  1. Update your original Profile Pic both in meetup.com.
  2. Create an account in CTFMH.IN and it is mandatory to update your profile with following information.
    • Profile Pic – Uploading Profile pic is mandatory since we need to identify so that the group members avoid their feeling that they are talking to strangers.
    • Date Of Birth : To wish you on your birthday’s and make the day more special (You can choose not to display in the profile page.)
    • About Yourself –  with min 100 Characters, the more you right the more we like. With this any new member can read about you instead of asking you again in the group.
    • Location – It will help us while we schedule meetups near to your location.
    • Hobbies – Your hobbies can inspire us or may be wowed us, either way we love it.
    • Interested Topics – These are the topics that you would love to talk and learn more about it and share it to other’s to show your passion/concern/learn about those topics
    • Relationship Status – It is very important for both boys, girls, men, women to avoid unnecessary approaches. Even if you put Single as your status it does not mean anyone can approach you, they should talk to you in the group and only if you are comfortable to say  other wise they should not. If they break the Whatsup group rules 3 times they will be removed from the group.
  3. You should attend at-least one meetup in person and introduce yourself in that meetup organised by CTFMH.